Over the course of the last few years, to continue improving our business, we at Sauer Cooling and Heating have acquired such great companies as A's Heating and Cooling, and Bizelli Heating and Air Conditioning. This has allowed us to improve our service, increase our customer base, and make sure we are staying competitive in the market. As part of acquiring these other companies we found ourselves with multiple company names.

A's, Sauer, and Bizelli are all part of the same team, and so instead of operating under multiple business names we have combined our brand under a new logo and a new name, The Air Alliance Team.

We are proud to say that the same people who have provided a great service for you in the past, like Steve Aubuchon and Matt Bizelli are proud employees of The Air Alliance Team.

Now whenever you see The Air Alliance Team, whether it be on the Internet, advertisements or our Service Vans, you'll know that it's still the same great people giving you the absolute best service.

We have always been and will continue to be, a family business. It's thanks to wonderful customers like you, who have been with us, to help us grow and employ more great people in our community. We appreciate your continued business .

Thanks again for your customer loyalty, for your business, and for also being a part of The Air Alliance Team!


Matt Stephens


1970 Bizelli Heating and Air Conditioning Began Business
1985 A's Heating and Cooling Began Business
2002 Sauer Cooling and Heating Began business
2012 We purchased Sauer Cooling and Heating
2015 We purchased A's Heating and Cooling
2015 We purchased Bizelli Heating and Air Conditioning